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A handy guidebook to making Sprouts Farmers Market better for all of us

Step 1:

Who to talk to

Talk to people you already have an existing relationship with, or people you think will be open to listening to you.

Have you had a previous conversation with them about issues they’re having at work?


If you know Leslie in bakery is stressed about her hours being cut, or Shaun in deli wishes his pay rate was higher, these would be good people to connect with again!

Have they had a bad experience with management or are they experiencing unfair treatment at work?

People you speak to regularly will be more willing to listen and share their experience.

Step 2:

How to Start Off

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Don’t lead with hard questions, lead with general questions about work. You want to get a sense of how they’re feeling about the different topics that the petition covers. Ask questions like:

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"Have you
ever transferred departments and had a pay cut?"

"How do you feel about your rate of pay?"

"How do you feel about the difference between what new hires make and what more experienced workers make?"

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"Are you able to make ends meet on your wages?"

Step 3:

Moving to Action

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Find out if they’re willing to do something about their issues. 

You can ask questions like:

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What would you want to tell management to change if you could?

"What would your ideal pay policy look like at Sprouts?"

“How would you fix these issues?”

Step 4:

Get Them Involved

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Give them the opportunity to address their concerns by introducing Sprouts Workers United.

"If you've been worried about your hours getting cut, there's an hours survey you can take online — you're not alone dealing with this!"

"There's actually a lot of Sprouties who feel the same way as us! And you can join the conversation they're all having online!"

"Are you on Facebook? You should follow Sprouts Workers United!"

 Change is possible. In 2018, Whole Foods raised its starting pay up to $15 /hour and Walmart up to $11 / hour after pressure from workers and the public.  

With enough workers and  customers on our side, we can make Sprouts do the right thing, too!