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"What can I say at work?"

Do you have questions about what you’re allowed to talk about at work and online?


We’ve got answers!

What you have the right to talk about:

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Working Conditions

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Workplace Issues

Here's a quick way to know if you're in the clear:

Can you answer yes to both of these questions?

Where can you talk about all of that:

Anywhere at work

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At home

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outside of work

If you’re allowed to talk about things unrelated to your job at work, you have the right to also talk about working conditions!

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If you’re allowed to talk about last night’s football game...

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...you're allowed to talk about any working condition.

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anytime you’re allowed to talk about things NOT related to work.

When can you talk about all of that?

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Anytime at work

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Anytime you're


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Whenever you're

on break


If Sprouts doesn’t enforce a policy about only talking about work-related things on the job, you’re allowed to talk about working conditions at work.

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How can you talk about all of that?

In person!


And you can talk to your coworkers, family, friends — anyone!

What else can I do besides talk to my coworkers?

Refuse to work in unsafe conditions

Bring up pay or benefits to your boss

Talk to any media person about your  personal workplace concerns

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And what can Sprouts do in response?

As long as you follow these rules about who, what, when, where, and how to talk about conditions at work —


your employer can’t fire, discipline, negatively change your working conditions, or threaten you for any of it.


If your manager is threatening or violating your rights, contact us immediately!

These rights are guaranteed by the National Labor Relations Board. 

1. Do you have reason to believe it’s true?

2. Does it relate to working conditions?